City Center Takes Shape in Sandy Springs

City Center, also known as City Springs, began as an idea to create a public space in the middle of town formed by stakeholders, community-wide workshops and public forums.

In 2012, construction broke ground. Now, the dream is starting to shape into a reality.

You can now feast your eyes on the outlines of the 50,000-square-foot Performing Arts Center with a 6,100-square-foot glass lobby; a 5,000-square-foot Studio Theater dynamically designed to host anything from corporate meetings to performances; and a government services office complex, featuring a rooftop garden overlooking the plaza.

Additionally, there will be street-level boutique shops and restaurants; underground parking; and a residential component comprised of 275 flats and 19 townhome apartments.

“Excitement is building now that we can see the glass and exterior skin going on the buildings,” Mayor Rusty Paul told the Business Chronicle, “and people are beginning to realize that this project is not just a dream — it is indeed a reality.”

Mayor Paul was also outspoken about increasing public transportation, following a trip to Dallas. Speaking at his State of the City address, Paul stated that the region must be committed to public transportation, or become a “second-rate” city.

The way Sandy Springs has developed under his four-year tenure, it’s not surprising that he wants more people to have access to it.

Like most of metro-Atlanta, pockets of beauty are often isolated due to a lack of cohesive transportation. Sandy Springs is one of them, but may not be for long.

Of course, if you can’t wait, the flats and townhomes should be available in about a year.

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