Grant Park



Grant Park is is one of Atlanta’s oldest neighborhoods and also one of Atlanta’s largest parks. The neighborhood and the park were founded in 1882 by Lemuel P. Grant when he gave the city of Atlanta 100 acres. Development around the park grew steadily and became an important suburb for the quickly growing downtown sector at the time. Grant Park’s rich architecture, mature landscaping, and amenity filled park continue to make it one of Atlanta’s most popular neighborhoods.

Grant Park


Grant Park’s housing stock is one of the most unique in the entire city. From craftsman style bungalows, to Victorian mansions, to classic american Queen Anne architecture, this community has a little bit of everything. Some of the oldest homes in Atlanta can be found in Grant Park but a large majority of these have been meticulously maintained.



  • Parkside Elementary School
  • King Middle School
  • Maynard H. Jackson High School

Parks and Attractions

Main attractions in this eccentric community include Grant Park, St. Paul United Method Church, Oakland Cemetery, and The Atlanta Zoo. Grant Park is a 131 acre that features the Atlanta Zoo, recreation areas, and large amounts of green space. St Paul United Methodist church has been an anchor in the community dating
back all the way back to the mid 1800’s. It is best known for its beautiful architecture and commitment to community outreach. The church’s impact on Grant Park and the neighboring areas continues to be felt today. IMG_0264

The Atlanta Zoo was originally a failed circus which was replaced by the Atlanta Zoo. Today the zoo is home to over 1500 animals including 220 different species. The Giant Pandas, World of Reptiles, and African Plains are just a few of the zoo’s popular exhibits.

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