What You Need to Know to Get Your Home SOld

SellSelling your home is often a complicated and frustrating process. We take the stress out of the sales process through detailed communication, credentialed negotiation skills, targeted marketing campaigns, and a thorough understanding of Atlanta’s numerous communities. Our tailored listing packages ensure our sellers find the program that fits their financial situation and specific needs. We’re full-time agents and devote all of our resources to make sure selling your home isn’t a nightmare. Think about this: if you needed open heart surgery, how would go about selecting the right doctor? Would you choose a world-class heart surgeon who performs numerous operations each year, or would you select a part-time, local surgeon who does 2-3 operations a year and carries the minimum qualifications to hold a license?

Marketing Your Home

Selling a home takes a well thought-out game plan. We have the tools and technology to ensure maximum exposure. Let us show you how we’ll get your home from listed to sold!

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What’s My Home Worth?

Not sure if this is a good time to sell? Wonder how much you could get for your home? Let us create a comparative market analysis for your home to answer those questions and more.

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LiSting Programs

Morris Realtor Partners offers several programs to fit the needs of our clients. Call us today to see what program fits you best!

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Keys TO SUccess WHen Selling Your Home.

Know what your home is worth

The first key to a successful home sale is a thorough comprehension of the surrounding home values. At the core, your home is worth what someone else will pay. With that said, analyzing the recent nearby sales helps establish a range of prices and aids in differentiating values associated with a home’s particular features. From here, a list price can be established and a target sales price can be set. Overpricing your home can lead to long, stressful listing periods and many times, Buyers are scared away by homes that have been sitting on the market for long periods of time. On the other hand, under pricing your home can leave money on the closing table that should be in your pocket! Many of the online websites can help you get in the ballpark, but these websites simply cannot take into account the array of variables in a home.


Understand Net Sales Proceeds
  • The price a buyer offers on the contract is an important qualifier, but we all know what really matters is how much you actually walk away with.



  1.  Begin by taking the contract sales price and subtracting the amount the closing costs the seller has agreed to pay on behalf of the buyer. Every contract is different, but most buyers ask for some closing costs to be paid. This amount can range from a few hundred dollars to upwards of 3% of the sales price.
  2. Next, real estate commissions will be subtracted. These figures are agreed upon ahead of time and compensate both the agent that lists the home and the agent that brings the buyer to the transaction.
  3. Finally, the amount owed on the mortgage(s) (if any) must be subtracted. The mortgage payoff can be easily found in your bank’s online portal, by contacting your lender or in the monthly statement. The resulting figure is what the seller can expect to walk away with at closing and whats called the Net Sales Proceeds.The seller may also be required to pay the prorated taxes and Homeowners Association dues if they have not already been paid for the year.


Keep the lines of communication open

Communication is the lifeblood of any successful real estate transaction. This includes consistent dialogue with you as the seller and daily conversation with the buyer’s agent. The seller deserves to be informed on showings of their home, nearby neighborhood activity, and any timelines associated with selling the home.


First Impressions are key

Buyers are tough critics and chances are they’ve done a pretty good pre-qualifying your home from the photos. Every home we list is professionally staged and photographed. These photos entice potential Buyers and they can be the difference of them passing on your listing and moving on to another home. Little things like ample lighting, decluttering closets, and sprucing up your home’s curb appeal are easy ways to make your home a more desirable option. It’s virtually impossible to reverse a first impression, so always be mindful of the small details that would be important when you consider buying a home. We always recommend repairing small cosmetic items that would deter a potential buyer but refraining from making any large scale improvements that the buyer may or may not care about. Let’s not forget some items that are extremely important for you may have zero bearing on the buyer’s decision to purchase your home.